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CBAC 14 in the books!!!!


it was with great pleasure and happiness I achieved while leading yet another CBAC into the books. We all fought a good fight but much congratulation must go out to team 4. Bish, Tyler, Ryan (Rookie) and Sargent Steve (Special K subbed in Half way through for Ryan (out with a hurt knee in the Championship Game). While my team had them on the ropes in the Championship game 21-19 for about 10 minutes straight where any basket would send them packing in defeat we could't close the deal. We did a few things new and I think improved this time including personal Stats. Lots of individual effort and great team work was displayed in this CBAC. Personal Stat will displayed shortly. Again thanks for all you coming out and for you Passion to maintaining the CBACian livelyhood in each of our lives.

"Let Us Thrive to Keep it Alive."

Your President,


Awards Given to

MVP Bish

Passion Special K

Sportsman Sarge

Hot Sause Play of the Day Tyler (swat on Flying eagle)

Icy Not So Hot Award Scuba (missed layups that could have Won championship Game)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Inspiration 's from Ex-president Hansen

Hello all it is the eve of the big event and on our other Cbac blog President Hansen commented on who would win and gave many good pearls of wisdom so I copied and pasted it here for all of us to read and pull strength from to prove him wrong. See you in the winners circle. Entry fees are still due at the door. Thanks


It's that time of year again, when the greatest sporting event will be played.

Where each drop of sweat, blood, and tears represents PASSION. PASSION is what CBAC is all about. Those who were chosen to take place in CBAC, should cherish this opportunity and pass this experience to the generations to come. Those who did not qualify to play this year. I urge you to find the love of the game, wash your jockstrap, and commit with dedication to play in the next CBAC. A CBAC player is not based upon your skill level, it is based upon your level of PASSION.

Here are the fortunate players chosen to participate in CBAC XV:

Team 1- Mike/ Snapple /John Stockton /Brett
Team 2- Matt Q / Nikki / Chopper / Jimmy
Team 3- PK / Special K / Richie / Lehi
Team 4- Sarge / Jason Mann / Bish / Tyler
Team 5- Joe / Scuba / Jason Q / Dave
Team 6- Shawn T. / Mark / Glenn / Danbo

I would like to share my analysis and predictions-

Team 1- I love this team, based on brotherly love and the name of John Stockton, however with Stocktons name involved, I see them falling short of the title. Welcome back Okiama.

Team 2- For some reason this team looks very familiar, I think they have played together in past CBAC's. This team is a contender. If Chopper can stay out of foul trouble, Nikki hits her base-line jumper, Matt Q makes 1 right hand lay-up, and Jimmy shares the ball, this team will win it. Too many if's.

Team 3- I like this team, but I see two inconsistencies. 1-Richie is too injury prone and 2-PK is either way ON or all the way OFF.

Team 4- I don't know this team very well, therefore chances are they will be exiting quickly.

Team 5- Dave really let me down last CBAC in my predictions, so I can't pick them to take it all this year. This team has the most playing experience together, which can be a good thing or bad. Bad in the sense that I can't tell you how many fist fights and verbal lashings I have witnessed between Scuba, Dave, and Joe while being on the same team. Jason Q, it is up to you to control the hot tempers of your compadres.

Team 6- This is the team to beat. This is my pick to win it all. Why? PASSION Baby! I don't think any team can match up PASSION wise. With the name of Danbo, the intensity of Mr. Glenn Paul, and the goggles of Gygi- No team has a chance. I know Shawn T. is a rookie but regardless of who he is, this team can't lose.

That's my take on this upcoming CBAC.
Good luck to all. Play hard or don't play at all!


Your PASSIONate Thumbs